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’ That’s my house, I put everything into the Berkshires, that is my s–t, my home, it is mine,” Medley said.“I think she needs to change her [logo] from #BStrong to #BNice!“It’s not just that you don’t want people taking a knee, it’s that they’re ‘sons of bitches’ if they do; It’s not just denying women who accuse you of sexual assault, it’s saying they were ‘too ugly anyway’; You can’t just be against the media, they’re enemies of the people. If anyone in the Republican Party dare speak against you, they must also be humiliated, even if they have a terminal disease… “You casually separated people seeking asylum from their children.

The Real Housewives of Dallas are less than a month away and Andy Cohen, who is also the executive producer of the show took to Twitter and shared with fans of the Bravo hit reality series how he truly feels about the upcoming third season.

It’s me, the guy you made sure everyone knew was Jewish on Twitter,” Stewart began.

“I know you’re upset about all the criticism you’ve been taking in the fake news and the fake late-night shows, it’s just we’re all still having a little trouble adjusting to your presidency as it goes into it’s…

During the trip, Frankel accused Medley of drinking too much and, most recently, the ladies ventured to Medley’s Berkshires house — which has become a staple trip of the show.

“What about when she walks up to the driveway, she goes ‘I put the B in Berkshires?

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So I can’t let this one wait until tomorrow I have to see how Bethenny is doing after her dog passed away and in a very long drawn out set of circumstances.

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