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A similar demonstration was held in Derry this afternoon.

Demonstrators made it clear they would not support a revived power-sharing executive if it was not accompanied by a radical overhaul of the ' Petition of Concern'.

A PSNI spokesman said: “A 31-year-old woman has been arrested by PSNI Criminal Investigation Branch Detectives in London today.

“The arrest was made in Bromley by PSNI detectives working with officers from the London Metropolitan Police Service.

The UK Government has come under pressure to legislate on the issue amid the ongoing absence of power-sharing.

A worker at this Romanian food shop was asleep upstairs at the time of this arson attack in Norwich on July 8, but escaped unharmed.The DUP is far from the only Stormont party accused of abusing the mechanism, with rivals also criticised for deploying it on other issues many claim have little to do with protecting minority rights.The party has also said it is willing to scrap the petition entirely if others, including Sinn Féin, agree.Women protesting against Northern Ireland’s anti-abortion laws have taken what they say are illegal termination pills in front of police outside Belfast’s main court buildings.Officers seized the pills and attempted to remove one woman who openly took a tablet which was delivered to protestors by a tiny robot controlled from the Netherlands to circumvent the country’s laws.

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As well as delivering the medication, a doctor in the Netherlands was on hand to counsel the women as it is also illegal to assist in a termination though patients can be referred to England and Wales.