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Huge numbers of what in effect are collaborators work in TV networks, movies, 'news' sources, pseudo-sciences such as NASA, the 'AIDS' fraud, nuclear frauds, drug frauds, vast military campaigns of cruelty unprecedented in world history, secret military operations in Africa and south America, and endless legal and police waste.

The fantastic nonsense of Jew-promoted migrations (but not into Israel) is another huge burden. But Jew-awareness is not as unusual as many observers think: there have always been critics, many of them shrewd, though Jewish mopping-up operations have dimmed their work and their voices.

For example, Lyndon Johnson in the USA and, earlier, Clement Attlee, would have had their policies exposed in a way impossible at the time, had Internet existed.

• It is to be expected that Jews will continue to identify, fund, bribe, and blackmail, as usual.

Flynn, is an exotic oddity, found in some hothouses in academic woodland glades.

This will no doubt be kept secret until some opportune moment.

• Jewish supremacy brings a number of lessons: (1) Secrecy and shameless lies work.

(2) Groups of people working together are more effective than lone heroes or advertised figures. (6) It is essential to keep Jews out of public posts. Israel is claimed to use DNA tests to identify Jews.

Written by Rerevisionist Let's survey the 500-year war by Jews.

The dynamic has been: Jews in a small area squeeze money from locals, get a reputation for shrewdness, and intermingle with a different elite close by.

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When their general theft, dishonesty and incompetence becomes clear, the same trick is repeated.

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