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It also works on any file you never want to have run. If your not super tech savy I would recommend staying way from the regedit as you can mess up your system if you delete the wrong key. The file will try to run in the backround and the policy will not allow it. If you see pdf files directly in your browser, every website could install Software without your knowledge! Please always use a Virus scanner, if possible a payed one!

I don't delete cookies, I don't mess with my browser or switch browsers, but every few days the Media Viewer feature is back.I suspect it's using active setup, a windows 'feature' which is now part of the OS.I'm a real non-fan of automatic stuff installing itself and running, someone please correct this if it's incorrect, but I think deleting the as earlier suggested, or even doing the dumb manual updater preferences settings would work ok in this case.I just deleted the file from C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 7.0\Reader\plug_ins and it worked. Who the hell gave them permission to run the updater when my computer starts up when I am not even thinking of using their 2 bit crappy piece of software.I really hate when people run their software without my knowledge on my personal computer and I am really puzzled to see Adobe, a multi million dollar company keeps such an update strategy.

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