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We’re the ‘before’ on the Biggest Loser, the mum, the funny fat friend, the relatable mate but never the desired.

The fact that Australia doesn’t have a dating culture doesn’t help either.

(So kind of like normal school, only without the pain of acne and having to find a formal date.) In other words, the very term 'dating school' implies having to go back in time in order to learn something you really should have picked up from real-life experiences the first time around.

Makes you imagine a bunch of fully grown adults sitting in a classroom, uncomfortably taking notes while wondering how to possibly interact with the opposite sex.

I’m not just talking about the big time global dating sites either.

I also tried niche plus size sites, sugar daddy sites, interracial sites, and even a random one where the guy pays you to date them!

The purpose was to offer myself up as the guinea pig for plus size daters and report back on my experiences worts and all.

Being a ‘big girl’ in the USA isn’t a deal breaker by any means – it’s a descriptor, not an insult."It's just communicating with people online and arranging hook ups," she pointed out. "It actually really helps with writing a dating profile. Self respect is alluring." The next steps involve getting into what Schilling describes as "a positive dating mindset" and developing your "personal dating brand." "Part of this is letting go of baggage, mastering your self talk, and setting yourself up for a really positive experience," Schilling said. "In terms of your personal dating brand, this is about who you are in your dating world."These are the things you are really proud of and confident about, which is extremely important. It's defining yourself from the inside out, determining your values and the things that are fundamentally important to you." It's at this stage Schilling says some people come to a stumbling block, as she advises them to focus on finding people with similar values instead of what they perceive as attractive physical qualities.But according to dating expert and psychologist Melanie Schilling, who also runs her own online dating program, there is no shame to having 'missed' the ins and outs of dating culture, quite simply because Australia doesn't really have one."It all comes from a bigger picture observation about the dating culture in Australia or, more to the point, the lack of one," Schilling told The Huffington Post Australia. "Compared to the [US] -- where people grew up in the 50s and 60s and went on dates and that's what they did -- we just didn't do that here.

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