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we used to see lot of movies eng/hindi and of course tamil cds. she used to see a lot of english movies so we used to get cds for her and it is her only main time pass for her apart from chatting .it was during one of the exchanges i had given her one blue film cd(eng) i could not understand her strange behaviour as not talking properly when i was collecting those cds back from her. i told her very patiently and she started liking for those cds as she told me pls if u dont mind can i get more of those cds?when she came with the cups to the hall and saw the bf is running she was shocked to her life.

she sarted saying” pls leave me i am married this is not good” was then when saw those cds in my system that what blunder i made. (guys really speaking i was spell bound) she requested me not to say to anyone(of course my friends had smelled it anyway).it was saturday morning and i was feeling sick i was on leave so i went to her to ask apology. it was routine that whatever cds we see , i used to give it to her and i liked her comments on those cds about position and duration etc.aswin and me were eating cunt like hungry cats for milk.without any warning aswin inserted his dick into her and started pumping.

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aswin sat there exhausted as we were laughing at him but he did one strange thing.

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