Antique pitcher classification dating

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California, Australia, Chile and France are example wine growing regions whose climate is tempered by advection fog, which greatly improves their wine quality.

Aftertaste: The “shadow taste” remaining in your mouth just after swallowing a sip of wine.

Alcohol: Many different compounds in nature are classed as “alcohols” chemically.

In wine only one exists in significant amounts: ethyl alcohol, or “ethanol.” Other alcohols, if present, occur only in minute amounts and are usually thought of as flavor components.

Alicante Bouchet: A red wine grape, originally from Spain, used in France’s Burgundy region to add color to Burgundy blends when necessary.

The Italian Vino Santos are made from this variety.

Alicante wines often lack flavor and the wines are generally of lower quality and price.

Aligoté: A white wine grape used in various blends in many countries but best known for its fruity, light wines from Burgundy in France.

Important in wine tasting because it can reveal an extra attribute or fault.

Aging: Term describing the storing of wine under certain specific conditions for the purpose of improving the wine.

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Amontillados are known for a distinctively nutty flavor not possessed by the other Sherry types.