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Antipodean dating website

As much as building a larger group is important, we have been focusing heavily on reading and exercise.

With the rest of the country, we participated in the nationwide hit.

Are we really to leave children in the hands of these degenerates?

We covered it up with several posters to attempt to gain some decency on the streets before moving on.

Victoria Park is where this took place, right next to a familiar location, University of Sydney.

Victoria Park held over 250 sodomite stalls including ones with sickening titles such as: Dykes on Bikes, Wett Ones Swimming Club, Rainbow Families and Glitoris.

Activists entered the University of Adelaide and plastered our material all over the Marxist indoctrination centre and the surrounding area.

Over the next couple of weeks new activists were brought into action, with Rundle Mall and various parts of the Western Suburbs being stickered.This map roughly demonstrates all of the locations hit for the coordinated strike.Continuing the trend with our new form of activism the Victorian lads got together for another banner drop this month. Banner drops are a fantastic form of activism as it allows for hundreds of people driving by to see your message as well as gauge reactions to it. Everyone driving past saw our large swastika banner and we even have many of them give us the salute in a show of support to our message.Hatefully crafted with the worst of intentions, feel free to message us if we left out any faggot identities (we try to be very inclusive).So with the new design in tow, activists headed to Victoria park and the surrounding areas.

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Oh and not to mention they have a furfag in his gaypride fursuit as the first thing you see on their website Faggots love dogs for two reasons.

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