Anthony kiedis who is he dating now

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Black Flag were a great hardcore band – their records sound even mightier now than they did at the time – and Rollins' tour diaries are the essence of that pain-is-my-girlfriend punk spirit.

But if you're looking for self-pity, you'll be disappointed, because her book, like her voice, is full of cocky, smart, self-aware humor.might have the best final sentence of any book on this list, starring Kiedis' lovable pooch Buster: "And when I do think, ' Man, a fucking motel room with a couple of thousand dollars' worth of narcotics would do me right,' I just look over at my dog and remember that Buster's never seen me high." Let's hope Buster gets his own book someday.Related:• Readers' Poll: The Best Red Hot Chili Peppers Songs of All Time• RHCP Release First ' I'm With You' B-Sides• Chili Peppers Battle Severe Thunderstorms at Lollapalooza Did Jack Kerouac ever write a book this great? This is the real on-the-road American adventure: a band of antisocial maniacs who hate each other crammed in a van, bumming from town to town, sleeping on floors when they're lucky, getting clubbed by the cops when they're not, doing it all for those few minutes of glorious noise.Is it because they're expressing a heartfelt celebration of true love? It's because they recorded the vocal tracks while a couple of ladies were going down on each other on the studio floor.Dean Wareham led the New York guitar band Luna through the 1990s, after the breakup of his indie outfit Galaxie 500.

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