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Normally, the guests in attendance consist of the beautiful women from the South Beach who often come to the club to mingle and unwind.The club is favored by some of the top business people of Florida and the high-ranking celebrities who come to experience the bubbly social environment and the best drinks in South Beach.The styling of Florida Room resembles that of a piano lounge leaving the reveler feeling like he or she is the 50s.Because the club is housed inside the Delano Hotel, it means that you can party at any time of day and night.They are always there for me, no matter what is going on in my life or I what am going through. But a friend is the best thing you can have, and the best thing you can be.Knowing I have good friends is a wonderful feeling, and being a good friend is an even better feeling. Some of these celebrities include among others, Mary Kate Olsen and Marilyn Manson meaning the club attracts the high and mighty in the entertainment industry and the corporate world.

Notably, Kos club always hired presentable members of staff due to the high profiles of the expected guests.Finally, the Florida Room provides piano music and engages the services of a disk jockey meaning a guest can experience all blends and genres of music under one roof without the idea of moving from one club to another.Lenny Kravitz dance clubs in New York City brought about the kind of revolution required in the entertainment scene.Due to his skills and expertise, the mode of operation for nightclub owners changed and stills changes for the better since dynamism defines the entertainment industry.The Florida Room in particular best defines the artistic and innovative nature of Lenny Kravitz.

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