Accomodating special

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Accomodating special

This allows him to fully focus on the math problem, without any confusion that could emerge from his reading difficulties.

The purpose of the accommodations and modifications is to provide the student with what he/she needs to be most successful in school.21 School Accommodations Available to Your Child with Special Needs 1.Movement Breaks Movement breaks are often helpful for children who have trouble sitting still.See 10 Fun Activities to Teach Your Child Letter Sounds for ideas to incorporate movement into learning.Other Related Articles: How to Use Exercise to Help Kids with Autism and ADHD 14 Effective Strategies to Help Children with ADHD (Home and School) 2.

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A movement break could include but is not limited to the following: going to get a drink, taking a walk in the hall, standing up and stretching at desk, passing out materials, running an errand to the office.

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