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The lawyers at Crawford Chondon & Partners LLP have experience in drafting fragrance-free workplace policies and can assist with implementing the policies to ensure that employees with scent sensitivities are accommodated properly.Please Note: This blog has been prepared as an informational service for our clients and other interested parties.In the Tribunal began its decision by stating that it could not conclude that Ms. An employee has a responsibility to advise that he or she requires accommodation and provide sufficient information to the employer to allow it to identify and provide appropriate solutions.Based on the facts in this case, the Tribunal found that Ms. Although she alleged that the discrimination occurred when Inteleservices did not enforce its fragrance-free workplace policy, she did not advise the employer that what she required was an environment free of noticeable scents and scents that were undetectable by others. Kovios did not request accommodation for her hypersensitivity, and in fact did not inform the employer of that condition, the issue of whether Inteleservices accommodated her to the point of undue hardship did not even arise. Kovios had a positive obligation to accurately identify her disability, describe the accommodation she required and clearly explain that the solutions the employer had been attempting to implement were not adequate. Kovios did not experience discrimination at the hands of Inteleservices.The company cafeteria also has clear signs and menus to protect people with food allergies. Johnson a spot on many “top places to work” lists around the world.

For instance, the Saskatchewan Human Rights Tribunal ruled that there was cause to investigate the complaint of a casino worker for the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority who had lost her job because she wasn’t able to work in a smoke-filled environment.The office may have old, dusty carpets, mold or off-gassing from furniture.Scented products, either on other employees or from cleaning supplies and air fresheners, can set off asthma attacks in those with the disease.It is not intended to constitute legal advice, a complete statement of the law or opinion on any subject.Although we endeavour to ensure the accuracy of the content, no one should act upon the information provided without a thorough examination of the law after the facts of a specific situation are fully considered.

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The idea was to prevent susceptible staff from being exposed to the dust, paint fumes and other irritants that would be in the air. Johnson and Son has nursing staff available to each of its two manufacturing plants and two sales offices across the country.

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