2 month dating anniversary ideas

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2 month dating anniversary ideas

Since they are both cancer survivors, I made a .00 contribution to the American Cancer Society in their name. I recently attended the 50th Anniversary party of a couple that was so wonderful.

Their kids got a bunch of old/new pictures from the family album and used Smiling Snaps to compile them into a choreographed DVD show depicting their life together.

You can make a newspaper that will be stories and photos of the couple.

But, keep in mind to order two, so they can frame either side of the newspaper if they choose. Dear friends who were celebrating their 50th anniversary didn't want a party or any kind of big deal event.

The people that attend open houses, are there to visit with other people, and have a good time doing just that. One similar event I attended had a buffet style table set off to one side that was filled with the anniversary couple's scrap books and photo albums.

Total cost for a centerpiece,probably less than 15 dollars,and one stop at a Walmart Supercenter. This is what it looks like, but this is a male beta fish (also available at walmart, about 3.00).It sounds like a lot to do, but it's really simple. It could make the dessert course (if you are having one) the highlight of your night. Mu suggestion is for a gift, it is what I did for my brothers 50th wedding anniversary. I was shopping at a dollar store and just happened to find gold foil, a gold gift bag, and gold "Easter" grass.I cut up the foil and wrapped each coin seperately, taping each one shut.It was perfectly synchronized to music and because it was professionally made, the results were awesome!It was so touching, the couple as well as many guests got emotional while watching those moments come alive on the screen!

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I just held a farewell picnic where we furnished meat and buns and chips. Then get a few cans of high quality gold metallic spray paint,odds and ends from yard sales,and spray away!

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