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100 percent  dating sitehotmail com

Explaining how they have been secretly dating for ‘a number of weeks’, the source added: ‘The age gap doesn’t bother them.They have fun together and that’s all that matters.’ But while things might be rosy between the lovebirds, reports have surfaced suggesting Rihanna is less than happy about Drake’s romantic news.Interviewee: Andrew Elliot, University of Rochester Produced by Brad Kloza — Edited by Brad Kloza/Chris Bergendorff Copyright © Scien Central, Inc., with additional footage courtesy University of Georgia and Bernd Grosse-Daldrup & University of Munster. A look at the results from the 2004 summer Olympics showed that in four combat sports (boxing, taekwondo, Greco-Roman wrestling and freestyle wrestling) athletes wearing red gear won more often.The researchers suggested that the effect was due to evolutionary or cultural associations of the color red with dominance or aggression.

In other words, a fighter who scored fewer points wearing blue was later assigned more points for performing the same while wearing red.An athlete wearing red subconsciously feels more powerful or superior, while his or her opponent feels less so.But other psychology researchers wondered if there was more to it.After importing these videos into editing software, they digitally swapped the colors of the protective gear.The end result was a series of videos with identical performances, but the colors on each person could be changed.

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“Wearing a red uniform could have a positive effect on your team’s performance because your opponents are looking at the red that you’re wearing,” he says, which could instill fear or avoidance in them.

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